Yves Rocher

In 1959, in the attic of his family home at La Gacilly in Brittany (France), Yves Rocher set up his first laboratory. It was here that he would make Botanical Beauty® a reality, expressing an innovative concept of beauty, very far removed from the canons and trends of the day, which were wholly focused on chemistry. Passionate and instinctive, he dreamed of generous cosmetic formulas that relied on nature for their ingredients and effectiveness. Being a trailblazer at heart, he spent day after day gathering and transforming the virtues of the plants he selected, combining them with the best of science, all in a quest to offer women accessible products, contributing more and more to the respect of their skin and the planet, without any compromise. It was 60 years ago. Everything has changed, nothing has changed. Since the very beginning, we stay true to our beliefs. Our values and our beliefs are the same and we will continue to do what we have always done: reveal women’s beauty without outshining the planet. It is our commitment since the beginning and for a long time.