Anta KNIT 3/4 PANTS 86627783-1

Product Details

Black Pants

This cropped pant from Anta are stripped down to their purest form that combines authentic details with a clean style. These have the elastic closure that ensure wearing comfort and a snug fit.

  • SKU : AN86627783-1-BLACK
  • Gender : Women
  • Product Color : Black
  • Brand Name : Anta
About: Anta

ANTA is the 4th largest sportswear brand in the world. Vision is to make sports accessible to all – by providing good quality performance driven, technology rich product at affordable prices. ANTA has a technology, science laboratory set up in China, where input is taken from all sponsored athletes & built back into the product. For many years, ANTA Sports has been principally engaging in the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of ANTA sportswear series to provide the mass market in China with professional sporting products including footwear, apparel and accessories

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