Call it Spring Bristo Totes - Black

Product Details

Bristo Black Totes

A large easy-going tote is an absolute must-have. It bodes well with any look and looks polished even when empty. Perfect for fashionista women to complete their look.

  • SKU : 30340403-BRISTO-BLACK
  • material : Leather
  • Gender : Women
  • Brand Name : Call it Spring
About: Call it Spring

CALL IT SPRING is the perfect go-to for today’s most hip shoes and accessories; coveted trends with equally pretty price-tags. It’s the inspiration you feel when putting together a new look, the creativity of flirting with fresh styles. It’s about discovery, freedom and making your fashion a show-and-tell for who you are. Whether it’s in our shoes or our store design, CALL IT SPRING is eternally youthful and charismatic. The brand is a unique trend destination showcasing accessible and fashionable collections where individuality and self-expression can bloom. You call it love, we Call It Spring!

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